off roading india,desert safari in india
off roading india,desert safari in india off roading india,desert safari in india
off roading india,desert safari in india
off roading india,desert safari in india
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As day time activities, we will be conducting full-day excursions to the following areas:

  1. Overlander Rann Communities (North):  This drive will take you towards the White Rann, KaloDungar, and the Banni area (Hodko, Dordo, etc...).  During this drive you get an opportunity to see the vastness of the White Rann and then visit the communities that inhabit the Banni villages and see their stunning costumes and jewelry.  You will also visit members of local communities engaging in the making of arts and crafts.  From the peak of the mountain KaloDungar, the Greater Rann stretches as far as the eye can see and is a magnificent sight.
  1. Overlander Beach (South):  This drive will take you toMandvi Beach and Vijay Villash Palace.  The activities during this drive are more for relaxation.  After viewing the fabulous Vijay Villash Palace, you can spend the day on the private stretch of the Mandvi Beach that you will have access to as our guests.

We will also be conducting a two night tour commencing at the Great Rann and ending at the Little Rann:

  1. Overlander Rann to Rann (East):  We will also do a longer drive that would go East, crossing the Banni rural belt and then taking the highway up to the Northern part of the Little Rann of Kutch near Adesar.  From here, we will drive you across the length of the Little Rann, viewing the Wild Ass as it gallops across this emptiness.  After crossing the Little Rann you will arrive at the Dasada resort of Rann Riders where you will spend the night and then finish your tour with us the next morning.
These drives or tours would have the primary objective of educating our visitors about the various rural communities in the area and their simple yet pure way of living that is in complete harmony with nature.  We want to give our visitors the opportunity to visit some homes of these communities so that they can see and understand their customs and traditions, and also witness the various arts and craft being produced at the very source.

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off roading india,desert safari in india
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off roading india,desert safari in india