4x4 holidays,desert tour in india
4x4 holidays,desert tour in india 4x4 holidays,desert tour in india
4x4 holidays,desert tour in india
4x4 holidays,desert tour in india
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Responsible Tourism

Being an outdoor adventure company with a strong emphasis on wildlife, rural communities, culture and habitation, it is essential for us to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious. It is also our endeavour to give back to the communities, land and environment, that we showcase with a sense of pride, whatever we possibly can.

“Sarpanch” – Village Chief

Uday Bhan Singh, one of the Overlander directors is the elected “Sarpanch” (village administrator and chief) of his village. The running and functioning of his village is his responsibility and since he has taken office, he has brought about a never before seen change in terms of facilitation of services for the many villagers and rural communities. His focus is also the upliftment of the lives in his village and in particular, of women and girls.

Communities and People

One of the primary activities during our drives is to visit the homes of members of different communities. This is a privilege we enjoy because of our family’s generations old association with these people and the goodwill that exists. Overlander India does not abuse this privilege but rather helps these rural communities by compensating them for “hosting” our guests in their humble homes. We also go the extra mile by helping and aiding them with matters involving a variety of issues from government related, medical advise, etc…

We employ only locals as members of our team thus creating jobs and employment not only directly but also indirectly. The food we prepare and serve at our camps is sourced locally. Other areas where we support the local communities are by getting our laundry done locally, using rural filling stations to fuel our vehicles, and using other local services wherever possible.

Even though we do not encourage “shopping” during our drives, if a specific request is made, we take our guest directly to the source of the handicraft production and encourage them to buy it from the artisan. We do not take any commission whatsoever from the artisan or from our guest.

Photographing people is always a controversial topic because many view it as an invasion of privacy if proper permission is not obtained. We have sought these permissions and the people we visit are comfortable with being photographed, hence we do not have to ask every time.

We encourage donations from our clients that can help improve the lives of locals in any manner. We follow a policy of complete transparency where every penny contributed is accounted for and reaches what it is intended for. For example, recently we received a generous contribution that was adequate for building a new classroom in a village school. From another donation, we were able to furnish the senior classrooms of 4 schools with tables and benches and in a girls boarding school, buy 80 beds for them as there were frequent incidents of snakes and scorpions entering the school dormitories.

Environment and Wildlife

With a strong emphasis on the outdoors and nature, wherever we set our tented campsites, we make it a point to leave it in the same condition it was in before we got there. We have a strict no litter policy and pick up all waste prior to leaving. We even give our guests, pocket ashtrays so that they do not throw cigarette butts.

At one our favourite campsites, we have demarcated a large area where we are going to plant trees and see to their upkeep so that they are able to grow healthy. This particular area is also home a large number of antelope. In the summer months, the harsh heat and lack of water causes these antelope to move to areas inhabited by humans. We propose to build small water reservoirs scattered in this area, with flushing and refilling, so they can remain in their natural habitat and drink clean water.

The vehicles we use for our desert experience are petrol vehicles, which are far softer on the environment than diesel vehicles.

At Overlander India, we play our part as responsible citizens not just of our region, but also of the world. As our company grows, so will our initiative in giving back to the land, people and nature.

4x4 holidays,desert tour in india
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4x4 holidays,desert tour in india