desert safari in india,4x4 holidays
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desert safari in india,4x4 holidays
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Overlander India is a 4x4 off-roading company that takes you for an off-road adventure of a lifetime across various regions of India. The excitement of this form of driving can only be felt behind the wheel of a jeep and that is exactly what we offer. We provide the vehicle, the fuel, the route, the stay, the food, and the experience; and all you have to do is to drive to your heart's content. In the process, you get to witness a different side of India that is rarely seen - the rural, pure, simple village life and the wildlife and avian life of this region, as you are able to access these villages and settlements where hardly any other vehicles, let alone visitors, can go.

Our programs are not just about the destination, but also the journey. A journey that is an adventure as we traverse the countryside on dirt tracks, camel tracks, through dry river beds and even make our own tracks if necessary. You don't have to be an experienced off-road driver because with our years of off-roading experience, we are there with you through your journey to guide you and show you the techniques of this form of driving. If you chose to just enjoy the drive without getting behind the wheel, then one of our team members will drive you.

The experience we provide is like no other. An experience into the heart of Indian culture. An experience of thrills and adventure. An experience of bonding with nature. An Overlander Experience.


Seriously, this has been one of my best traveling experiences ever. Everything incredibly well organised, so friendly people, interesting talks, really getting into the nature in a way I did not think was possible...." –Ida Pettersson, Sweden

"This is one the most unique trips you will do. Tenting in nature, climbing hills, driving along river beds, spending time with villagers in their dwelling, being one with nature, specially as you self drive. Then sand duning, lunches on scenic spots. It's all there. The folks who run it are amazing. You will feel you are out with two friends rather than hoteliers. Amazing place, amazing experiences, amazing people. Very highly recommended." –Vickram Bedi, Gurgaon

"An "African" experience in Rajasthan. What more can you ask for." –John Peter Tollefsen, Norway

"A wonderful India experience I never expected. Some real firsts for Sally and me. Highly recommended." –Ron Walker, USA

"It was an awesome trip. It turned out to be a much better adventure than expected. Will surely come again." –Dr. Saurav Mahanta, Bangalore

"Thank you for showing us the real and friendly people of Rajasthan. It was a privilege to share in the lives of your local friends. Amazing and memorable experience." –Richard, New Zealand

"Your USP is your warmth, concern for every single member at the camp. Amazing location for the camp, drive was thrilling...." –Kavita Mathur, Mumbai

"Thank to all of you for having given us great experience of life and nature to start this new year 2013. Will be back...." –Christine Foulon, France

"Adventure and hospitality is something you cannot express unless you are a part of it. The thrill of sand dune driving under your expertise multiplied manifold. Your approach towards novice off roaders like us gave a true satisfaction that we were in safe hands. The behavior of your entire team was above expectation. To sum up I must say that the Overlander India's tour is not simply about seeing new places, it is about pushing boundaries and coming home with new mind and heart." –Vinay Vibhakar, Jharkand

"A truly unique experience that we thoroughly enjoyed." –Toni Williams, Australia

desert safari in india,4x4 holidays
desert safari in india,4x4 holidays
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